Friday, March 26, 2010


Psychedelic cosmic rockers MGMT rose to stardom over night in 2007 with their debut Oracular Spectacular; a glamorous mega-production through and through.

The time has come for their sophomore effort, Congratulations, and a brand set of tour dates. Luckily they will be making a stop here in Chicago on June 18th and tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10AM. I suggest you act fast before you find yourself trading sexual favors in an alley with someone who likes to be called "Daddy" that posted a couple of tickets on Craigslist....OH HELL NO!

The new album goes in a different direction from their first, but after listening I was pleasantly satisfied. It has the perfect balance of laid back melodies, space oddity inspired outros ("Siberian Breaks") and thought provoking lyrics such as, "FLASH the mirror ball's throwing mold/ the hot dog's getting cold"-- from their first single "Flash Delirium." There is even a song about multimedia artist Brian Eno...'nuff said.

I suggest you head to the MGMT website and preview the album for yourself (only available for the next 3 days!). You can thank me later!

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